Désirée Harmuth

Associate Director

Chrisalis 2016 April Desire 23 pp 2 2


Désirée has gathered significant experience growing out of her Master of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship and coupling it with subsequent positions in management and the Human Resources areas of global companies. She has a developed capability for effective communication, meetings’ facilitation and moderation; such skills as can facilitate opening discussion channels and bridging difficult topics, especially those within an inter-cultural work environment. Désirée, through experience, has recognized the value of a supportive and positive work environment that can engage people, heighten team dynamics and increase productivity.

Her native language is German and she is fluent in English, reflecting her understanding and validation of multi-cultural experiences in a productive work environment.

Professional experience

Désirée has over 16 years of experience in global pharmaceutical and chemical industries where she held various positions at the operations level and in project management. These form the basis of her inter-cultural experience and her capabilities to support and coach individual leaders and teams. Her professional advancements and accumulating responsibilities in her former industries give her a sharpened insight to the challenges of change from a personal and company perspective. She is an innovative and accomplished partner in our CHRYSALIS Services Team.