Meryl Kneier

Business Support Lead

Meryl Portrait


In 2010, Meryl Kneier completed her extended commercial apprenticeship and applied immediately her acquired skills in the purchasing and planning departments of several different companies. In 2015, Meryl joined CHRYSALIS Services to extend and apply her experience in a non-commercial business environment.  Since joining us, she has been responsible for the administrative and organizational support of not only the business functions but also to each member of the CHRYSALIS Services Team.

Professional Experience

The start of Meryl’s professional experience in the purchasing and planning departments of several large commercial global organizations gave her the opportunity to build and expand her skills in the administrative, planning, and financial aspects of successful businesses. Her sensitivity to the interpersonal and managerial aspects of the  work environment gave her insights from which to question and inquire as to the motive(s) behind organizational changes.  Working now within “The Change Company”, she has a new perspective on the approaches to defining, moving through and resolving such change situations.  Continuing her development path, Meryl will enroll in the formal Vocational Degree Program while continuing to support our Team.