Yanick Forcella

Grafic and Learning Design Lead

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Yanick Forcella graduated from high school in 2010, after completing his studies with an emphasis in art and design. Thereafter, he enrolled in the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of North-western Switzerland in Liestal, Switzerland, and in 2016 completed successfully the requirements for a Diploma of Primary Education that certifies him to teach Elementary Classes for the grades 1 to 6.

Yanick is now enrolled at the University of Basel and studying for the Master of Arts Degree in Educational Sciences. The interests and emphasis of his studies focus on the social, technical, systemic, and organizational processes within education.

Yanick’s professional interests are very diverse with a broad scope. However, it’s the development and application of e-Learning approaches and tools for businesses that holds his attention now while working with CHRYSALIS Services.

Professional Experience

Yanick has a diversified range of professional experience. For his Civil Service Duty to Switzerland, he applied his Education and personal skills during his Service to a school for handicapped children, in a support centre for addicts, as a farmhand in the mountains, and on a Robinson playground in the middle of an urban social hotspot.

As an Education professional, Yanick has completed assignments as a part-time Teacher and Substitute Teacher at several Elementary Schools where he has taught over 20 classes on all levels.

Since 2016, Yanick also works at the PH FHNW’s Centre for Learning and Socialisation as a scientific assistant supporting multiple research projects.

Yanick brings a high motivation to apply his capabilities and experience to assisting others to move through their change challenges, which is a valuable primary resource for the CHRYSALIS team.